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City of Indianapolis Wrecking Contractor Bond


Looking for a City of Indianapolis Wrecking Contractor Bond in Indiana? Our Wexford Insurance agents are available to help you for a fast and free Wrecking Contractor Bond for Indianapolis. Having the correct City of Indianapolis Wrecking Contractor Bond is super important to obtaining your contractor license.

How much does a City of Indianapolis Wrecking Contractor Bond Cost?
Pricing Starts around $87-$150 for the year.

Free Assistance:

Give us a call today at 317-942-0549 or fill out the link below to start your free bond quote. 

Wexford Insurance focuses on providing Indianapolis Wrecking Contractor Bonds

Indianapolis - Greenwood - Evansville - Fort Wayne - Bloomington - Fishers - Columbus​

Wexford Insurance is a trusted surety bond insurance agency. We supply numerous types of bonds across the nation. We can help you find the bond and coverage that you need. Our agents are available 24/7 for a fast, free quote. 

Types of Bonds that Wexford Insurance offers:​

  • Contract Bonds - This type of bond guarantees that the company that is awarded a contract will meet the obligations under that specific contract. Types of Contract Bonds are included below: 

  • Public Official Bonds - This type of bond protects the government and its citizens from dishonest or negligent acts by someone that holds a public office. The purpose behind a public official bond is to ensure the public will be reimbursed if the official does not faithfully perform their duties. Types of positions that need Public Official Bonds:

    • Treasurers​

    • Notaries

    • Court Clerks

    • Judges

    • other public officials. 

  • License and Permit Bonds - This type of bond is required for some businesses by law prior to operating. Types of businesses that may need a license or permit bond:

    • Brewers, Distillers, Vintners, and Licensed Wholesalers​

    • Auto Dealer Bonds, Auto Auctioneer Bonds, Auto Salvage Bonds,

    • Collection Agency Bonds, Licensed Currency Exchanges, Debt Management Bond, Loan Broker Bonds, Mortgage Broker Bonds, 

    • Construction Company Bonds, Excavation Company Bonds, Driveway Bonds, Right of way bonds, ErosionControl Bonds, Subdivision bond. 

    • Agricultural Products Dealer Bond, Driving School Bond, Cannabis Bond, Hunting and Fishing License Bond, Fuel Tax Bonds

  • Court Bond - This type of bond guarantees that the individual will accord with the terms of the court. Types of people that may need a court bond:

    • Probate Bonds​

    • Fiduciary Bonds

    • Immigration Bonds

    • Customs Bonds

    • Plaintiff's Bond

    • Appeal Bonds

    • Indemnity Bonds (sheriff bond)

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