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Dump Truck Insurance

Dump Truck Insurance Indianapolis

Dump Truck operations provide a complex service that requires traveling in and out of unique places. It is important that your dump truck insurance program be shown a great attention to detail. Wexford Insurance specializes in getting quick dump truck insurance quotes


Wexford Insurance provides dump truck insurance for the following dump truck operations:

  • Asphalt Haulers Insurance

  • All Aggregate Hauling Insurance

  • Coal Hauling Insurance

  • Contaminated Dirt Hauling Insurance

  • Dirt Hauling Insurance

  • For-Hire Dump Truck Insurance

  • Fleet Dump Truck Insurance

  • Grain Hauling Insurance

  • Gravel Hauler Insurance

  • Hazmat Hauling Insurance

  • Landscaping Excavating Insurance

  • Local Dump Truck Insurance

  • Long Haul Dump Truck Insurance

  • Non-Fleet Dump Truck Insurance

  • Sand Hauler Insurance

  • Scrap Metal Hauling Insurance

  • Unlimited Radius Dump Truck Insurance

Wexford Insurance offers the following Dump Truck Insurance Coverages: 

  • Dump Truck General Liability Insurance

  • Dump Truck Liability Insurance

  • Dump Truck Physical Damage Insurance

  • Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance

  • Excess Liability Insurance

  • Fire and Theft Dump Truck Insurance

  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

  • Owner Operators Dump Truck Insurance

  • Primary Liability Dump Truck Insurance

  • Rental Reimbursement Insurance

Wexford Insurance finds dump truck insurance for the following types of dump trucks

  • Standard Dump Truck Insurance - This type of Dump Truck is on a truck chassis with a dump body mounted to the frame. The dump body bed is raised by a vertical hydraulic ram or horizontal hydraulic ram and lever arrangement between the frame rails. The tailgate can either swing up on the top hinge or fold down on the bottom hinge or there could be a high lift tailgate. 

  • Semi Trailer End Dump Truck Insurance - This type of Dump Truck type involves a current truck or dump truck hauling a trailer that has a hydraulic hoist itself. 

  • Transfer Dump Truck Insurance - A Transfer Dump Truck operation is when a Standard Dump Truck pulls a separate trailer with a movable cargo container. The separate trailer could carry the following: asphalt, construction aggregate, gravel, klinkers, sand, snow, triple mix, wood chips, and more.

  • Truck and Pup Insurance - A Truck and Pup can be seen as similar as a Transfer Dump Truck but is different in how the trailer the dump truck is hauling has its own hydraulic system and is capable of self-unloading 

  • Super Dump Truck Insurance - A Super Dump Truck is a straight dump truck with a trailing axel that is load bearing. This allows the dump truck to carry heavier loads. 

  • Semi Trailer Bottom Dump Truck Insurance - This dump truck type involves a truck or dump truck hauling a trailer that is equipped with a belly dump or semi bottom dump.

  • Side Dump Truck Insurance - A Side Dump Truck can consist of a 3 axel dump tractor hauling a 2 axel trailer. The hydraulic ram on the trailer will tilt the dump trailer onto it's side.

  • Roll-Off Truck Insurance - A roll-off truck operation has a hoist and subframe, but has no body. This truck operation carriers removal containers. The container is loaded on the ground then pulled onto the back of the truck with a winch and cable. The containers are usually open-topped boxes used for ruble, building debris, or trash compactors. 


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