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Captive Insurance

What is Captive Insurance?


A Captive Insurance Company is a separate legal entity that is licensed, domiciled, and active as an insurance company.

Why would you start your Own Insurance Company?

  1. Reduce Your Insurance Spend

  2. Customize/Broaden Coverage

  3. Create an Additional Profit Center

Types of Captives

  • Group Captive - Heterogeneous or Homogeneous Group of Companies.

  • Single Parent Captive - Large Company insures it's own risk and related entities. 

  • Cell Captive - Company participates in a reinsurance pool arrangement.

  • Agency Captive - Insurance Agency Owned Insurance Company. 

  • Warranty Program - Captive backed warranty program. 

How we can help

We serve as an Independent Captive Consultant

Just like an independent agent, we are not tied to any Captive Manager. Our role is to assess how or if your business would benefit from starting or joining a captive insurance company. 

The process of determining the structure, the right captive manager, and which insurance coverages you can begin insuring can be a daunting task. 

We are here to provide an unbiased professional opinion about the viability of your business starting it's own insurance company. 

Reach out to us today to schedule a free 30 minute phone call

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