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Hazmat Trucking Insurance

Hazmat Trucking Insurance

Most Trucking Companies are required to have $750 or $1M in Trucking Liability Insurance. Some Trucking Companies are required to have higher Trucking Liability Insurance Limits because of what they haul. 

Trucking Companies that haul hazardous materials or hazardous waste are usually required to have anywhere from $2M to $5M in Hazmat Trucking Liability Insurance Limits. Hazmat Trucking Insurance is very complex and can be very expensive if your trucking insurance agent does not know what they are doing. 


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Examples of Hazmat Trucking Operations:

  • Petroleum Haulers - Petroleum Trucking Insurance

  • Crude Oil Haulers - Crude Oil Trucking Insurance

  • Propane Distributors - Propane Transportation Insurance

  • Flammable Liquid Hauling Insurance - Tanker Truck Insurance

  • Flammable Solids 

  • Liquid Nitrogen Hauling - Liquid Nitrogen Trucking Insurance 

  • Radioactive Trucking Insurance

  • Chemical Hauling - Chemical Trucking Insurance

  • Explosive Hauling - Explosive Trucking Insurance 

  • Fertilizer Hauling

  • Pesticide Hauling

  • Fireworks Hauling

  • Biohazard Hauling - Biohazard Trucking Insurance

Coverage Requirements: 

  • Pollution Liability Endorsement - This covers the insured's liability for a pollution spill caused by the insured's negligence. Sometimes a stand-alone pollution liability policy will be required. 

  • General Liability Policy - This covers property damage and bodily injury that the insured causes during its course of business. 

  • Wrongful Delivery of Liquids 

Hazmat Insurance for truckers can be a headache if you aren't with the right agency!


Wexford Truck Insurance also has numerous trucking insurance carriers offering: 

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