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Indianapolis Home insurancE

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Looking for ways to save on your homeowners insurance or buying a new home and don't even know where to start? Whether you live in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Columbus, or anywhere else in the state of Indiana, our local Wexford Insurance agents are available to help you 24/7 for a free, fast quote. Homeowners insurance (also called home insurance) provides you with financial protection so you can be covered when unpredictable home damage occurs.


What does Homeowner's Insurance Cover?

  • Physical Damage to your Home

    • Covers the damage to your house like replacing the roof if there is storm damage.​

  • Physical Damage to Other Structures

    • Covers structures on your property other than your house like a detached garage, shed or fence.​

  • Personal Property

    • Covers the contents in your house if they were damaged or lost.​

  • Additional Living Expenses

    • Provides additional living expenses if damage from your house makes it unable to be occupied. For example, this coverage could cover the cost of staying at a hotel while the home gets repaired.​

  • Personal Liability

    • Protects you against lawsuits that could arise from accidents to others on a property that you own or rent. For example, if a guest slips and falls in your house and breaks a bone, this coverage would protect you against the liability that could come from the guest.

  • Medical Expenses

    • Covers medical expenses that occur on your home property. The coverage also applies if the injury is caused by you or your family or a pet. ​


How Much Is Homeowners Insurance in Indiana?

The average cost of Indiana homeowners insurance is an annual rate of $1,150. This depends on how much coverage you want. Our Wexford insurance agents will help you decide what you need and offer you affordable insurance options.

How Can I Save Money on Homeowners Insurance?

You can bundle with other lines such as auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance and more to save money on your homeowners insurance.


Contact Our Indianapolis Insurance Agents 

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Give us a call today at 317-942-0549 or fill out the link below to start your free homeowners insurance quote. Our local agents can help you decide which coverage is best for you.

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