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Small business group health insurance

Small Business Group Health Insurance is a great way to offer your employees health benefits at an affordable rate. When grouping employees together into a group health insurance plan, the premium per person normally goes down compared to if they were to purchase the insurance separately. This can be a great way to retain employees. Small business group health plans are normally defined as having anywhere from 1-99 employees on the plan. If there are more than 100 employees on the plan, it should be a large business group health insurance plan.

There are usually 3 different type of small business health insurance plans:

- Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): Care must be done in-network to avoid additional expenses. These plans are affordable coverage and have relatively low out-of-pocket expenses. 

- Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): Often provide larger networks and give insureds more flexibility on who provides their care. However, the premiums are normally higher than an HMO plan.

- Point of Service Plans (POS): A mix of HMO and PPO plans. The network for a POS can vary depending on where the insured lives. The premiums are normally in the middle between HMO and PPO plans. 

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