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Excavating Insurance

Affordable Excavation Contractor Insurance

Looking for excavating contractor insurance for your construction or grading business? Our Wexford Insurance agents are available to help you 24/7 for a free, fast quote. Having the correct Contractor Insurance Policy (also called an Excavator Insurance Policy) is super important to your business.  


Types of Excavation Companies we work with:

  • Grading of Land

  • Foundation Digging

  • Excavation Work

  • Trenching

  • Septic Installation

  • Soil Erosion Projects

  • Right of way clearing

  • Dyke and Levee construction 

What does Excavation Contractor Insurance Cover?

  • Contractor Liability Insurance

    • An excavating contractor faces liability risks every time they begin moving earth on a construction site. Some of these risks include unforeseen sub-surface conditions, hitting underground utilities, soil compaction, and grading property for water runoff.  

    • Excavator Liability Insurance covers losses associated with property damage and bodily injury you cause to a third party while you are in the course of construction. Since excavators are usually subcontractors, your general contractor will require that you at least obtain $1M in General Liability Insurance for excavators. 

  • Excavating Equipment Insurance (Contractors Equipment or Inland Marine Insurance)

    • As a construction company, your business has heavy expensive equipment. Insuring that equipment properly is important. Here are some examples of the risks that your excavation business faces: trench collapses and equipment falls into trench, theft, and vandalism to equipment. 

    • Since excavating companies are grading job sites, digging trenches, clearing land, and running underground pipes in preparation for foundations, this requires the operation of heavy equipment. Ensuring you have heavy equipment operators insurance is vital to preventing uninsured construction insurance claims. 

  • Property Insurance

    • If your construction business has a physical location where you are storing equipment, you will want to insure the building and equipment inside from exposure to loss. Your heavy equipment is needed to operate you business. If you don't have the money to replace all of your equipment, you will want to insure your heavy equipment. 

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

    • If you have employees you will need to carry workers compensation insurance. This policy covers work-related injuries/illnesses that your employees may sustain during their employment. Finding the right work comp for excavating business is important. ​

    • Even if your construction workers are paid 1099, you may need to insure them on a workers compensation policy. 

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    • Most excavating contractors use dump trucks, tractors, and trucks during the course of construction. Insuring your trucks on a commercial auto insurance policy will protect your business ​from auto related claims. 

  • Bonds

    • License and permit bonds. If you are working on public jobs, you may need a license and permit bond prior to working. 

    • Payment and Performance bonds. General Contractors and property owners may require a performance bond prior to starting a job. 

At Wexford Insurance we can help you find the most inexpensive and comprehensive excavation insurance policy. We focus in the construction industry and helping excavating contractors. We are transparent and helpful through this process for your business. 


Free Assistance:

Give us a call today at 317-942-0549 or fill out the link below to start your free excavating contractor insurance quote. 

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