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Indianapolis General Contractor bond

Indianapolis Contractor Bond

City of Indianapolis General Contractor Bond

  • The City of Indianapolis requires a $10,000 General Contractor Bond. This bond has an anniversary date of 12/31 and can be purchased at any time. 

How much does a general contractor bond cost. 

  • Contractor bonds can cost as little as $100. This can vary based on the insured's credit history. 

Who needs a bond in Indianapolis?​

  • The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) licenses businesses and individuals engaged in construction activity in the Consolidated City of Indianapolis. This does not include the cities of Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway, and Southport. The contractor license types include general, electrical, heating and cooling (HVACR), wrecking, and plumbing. 


  • For craft contractors in electrical, HVACR, and wrecking, licensing is at the discretion of the local municipality. There is no state license for these contractors. Applicants in these fields must complete an exam and receive approval from the appropriate licensing board before submitting a license application.

  • For plumbing contractors, licensing is administered by the State of Indiana, with the license required to be registered with the City of Indianapolis.

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How Do I Get a Contractor Bond?​

  1. Follow the Get a Quote Button below and fill out the application

  2. We will reach out within an hour with a quote. 

  3. Pay for the bond and we send you the City of Indianapolis General Contractor Bond. 


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