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Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Indianapolis

The standard commercial truck insurance requirement for cargo insurance is $100K. The truck cargo insurance requirement may need to be higher than $100K depending on the type of cargo the trucking company is hauling. Hazmat, Auto Haulers, Heavy Equipment Trucking, and Oversized Trucking will more than likely require a higher cargo insurance limit. 

Working with the right trucking insurance agent is important when it comes to cargo insurance. Some brokers and shippers may not accept certain cargo insurance from certain trucking insurance companies. 


Wexford Insurance can help you get the correct cargo insurance policy in place. 


We offer cargo insurance usually with the same company that we place your truck auto liability. Sometimes it makes more sense to have a mono-line cargo insurance policy. 


What does motor truck cargo insurance cover?

  • Cargo Insurance covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load. Usually this coverage starts after departure and ends at arrival for that specific cargo load. 

Coverage Details:

  • Ability to find high cargo insurance limits. 

  • Breakdown Coverage

  • Interstate and Intrastate Filings Available

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Loading and Unloading Coverage

  • Refrigeration Cargo Insurance

  • Rigging Exposure


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Wexford Insurance focuses on Indiana truck insurance and insures trucking companies across the state of Indiana

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