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Representations & Warranties Insurance

Mergers & Acquisition Insurance

Representations and warranties (R&W) insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect parties involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions from financial losses resulting from breaches of representations and warranties made in the transaction agreement.

In a merger or acquisition, the buyer typically relies on the seller's representations and warranties about various aspects of the target company's business, such as its financial condition, legal compliance, contracts, intellectual property, and so on. These representations and warranties are essentially statements made by the seller regarding the accuracy and completeness of certain facts or conditions.

Representations and warranties insurance acts as a risk management tool that shifts the financial exposure of potential breaches of these representations and warranties from the buyer to the insurer. If a breach occurs and the buyer suffers a financial loss as a result, they can file a claim with the insurance company to seek compensation for the losses incurred.

The insurance policy will typically cover losses arising from unintentional breaches of the representations and warranties. However, it typically excludes losses resulting from fraud, deliberate misstatements, or matters specifically disclosed or known by the buyer before the policy is issued. The coverage is usually subject to certain limitations, deductibles, and exclusions, which are outlined in the insurance policy.

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Who purchases representations & warranties Insurance? 

Buyers: The acquiring party or buyer in an M&A deal often purchases R&W insurance. It offers protection to the buyer against financial losses resulting from breaches of the seller's representations and warranties. By obtaining the insurance, the buyer can mitigate risks associated with potential inaccuracies or misrepresentations made by the seller.

Sellers: In some cases, the seller may also opt to purchase R&W insurance. The seller can use this insurance to enhance the attractiveness of the deal by providing a level of protection to the buyer. By transferring potential liabilities to the insurance company, the seller may be able to negotiate more favorable terms and conditions with the buyer.

Private Equity Firms: Private equity firms that are involved in M&A transactions often purchase R&W insurance. They can use this insurance to protect their investment in the target company and reduce the potential risks associated with the representations and warranties provided by the seller.

Financial Institutions: Lenders or financial institutions providing financing for an M&A transaction may require R&W insurance as a condition for providing funds. It acts as a form of risk mitigation for the lender by protecting their interests in case of breaches of representations and warranties.

Why should you purchase representations and Warranties Insurance

Risk Mitigation: Representations and Warranties Insurance coverage helps mitigate the risks associated with potential breaches of representations and warranties made in an M&A transaction. It provides financial protection against unintentional misrepresentations or inaccuracies, reducing the buyer's exposure to financial losses.

Deal Certainty: By obtaining Representations and Warranties Insurance, the buyer can enhance the certainty and security of the deal. It gives the buyer confidence that there is a source of financial recovery in case of breaches, ensuring a smoother transaction process.

Enhanced Negotiating Position: Representations and Warranties Insurance can strengthen the buyer's negotiating position by providing additional protection. It allows the buyer to shift some of the risk onto the insurer, potentially resulting in more favorable terms, such as reduced escrow or indemnification requirements.

Coverage for Unknown Risks: The buyer may not have full visibility into all potential risks and liabilities associated with the target company. Representations and Warranties Insurance offers coverage for unknown risks, providing peace of mind and protecting against unforeseen losses

Efficient Use of Capital: Representations and Warranties Insurance allows the buyer to allocate their capital more efficiently. Instead of tying up a significant amount of funds in escrow or holdbacks, the buyer can use those resources for other purposes, such as investing in the acquired company's growth or pursuing additional opportunities.

Seller's Benefit: Representations and Warranties Insurance can be advantageous for sellers as well. It can make the deal more attractive by providing a level of protection to the buyer, potentially reducing the need for contentious negotiations over indemnification terms and helping facilitate a smoother transaction process.

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Free Assistance:

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