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What is Bobtail Truck Insurance?

Bobtail Truck Insurance is a type of Trucking Insurance that covers your liability and physical truck while you are not hauling a load. This exposure occurs after you drop off a load in one area and have to transport (bobtail) to another area to pick up another load.

Usually, when a trucker is leased onto another trucking company's authority as an owner operator, they will need bobtail truck insurance because the trucking company that the trucker is leased onto only covers their truck while they are operating under that trucking company's authority.

Also, when that owner operator is driving home or to the storage yard after it's last load, the trucking company that he or she is leased to may not cover you for that exposure.

Your truck is your biggest asset as a owner operator. Making sure you are properly covered with the correct Bobtail Truck Insurance is important.

Wexford Insurance focuses on Indianapolis bobtail truck insurance and insures trucking companies across the state of Indiana.


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