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Do I need Excess Trucking Liability Insurance?

by Nate Jones, CPCU, ARM, CLCS, AU - Wexford Insurance - Indianapolis, Indiana

Most Trucking Companies have the required $750 or $1M Trucking Liability Insurance Limit. Some Trucking Companies are required to have higher Trucking Liability Insurance Limits because of what they haul.

Examples of Trucking Operations that may require higher limits:

  • Hazmat Haulers

  • Auto Haulers

  • Over-Sized/Over-Weight Trucking

  • Fuel Trucking

  • Animal Haulers

  • Any Trucking Company that feels like $1M isn't enough.

Raising your Trucking Liability Insurance Limit with your underlying trucking insurance company sometimes is difficult. Most of the times, we will have to find another insurance company that will want to insure the excess trucking liability. This insurance company will sit on top of your underlying trucking liability insurance limits, and if a loss exceeds the underlying limit, then they will pay for the loss up to their limit.

Example for a $4M excess trucking liability policy:

  • $1M Trucking Liability Policy with Insurer A

  • $4M Trucking Excess Liability Policy with Insurer B

  • Total Limits: $5M Trucking Liability Insurance.

Some contracts require trucking companies carrying certain loads to have $5M in trucking liability insurance. This can be an easy process and done rather quickly when using the right Trucking Insurance Agent.


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