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DIY: Roof Inspection

How to do a roof inspection

Does your home need a new roof? Look for these signs that it’s time for a revamp.

  1. Look Inside: During the day, in your attic, look for beams of light coming through the top of the house. You should also look for stains and streaks, which signal a leak in your roof.

  2. When was your roof replaced? Usually, asphalt shingle roofs last up to 20-25 years. If your roof is around that age you may want to start looking at replacing.

  3. Check your Shingles: Look for cracks, damage, and bulking of shingles. If you see any of those, your roof may need repairs. Also, check the gutters and downspouts for shingle granules. A roof that is losing a lot of granules may be close the end of it's life.

  4. Time to Flash: Flashing around vents, skylights, and chimneys seal the roof from rain and weather. Examine existing seals and make sure there are no cracks or breaks.

  5. Look for sagging: If the roof is droopy or sagging, then it surely needs replaced before further damage occurs. Check for signs of trapped moisture, rotting boards, and sagging spots.

  6. Houseplants: Moss on a roof can be trouble. Moss and other plants indicate there may be trapped moisture which can ruin the roof. To remove the moss, use a stiff brush or ask a roofing contractor for further review.

  7. Don't Panic: Just because you have noticed a few damaged shingles or a small leak does not mean you need a whole new roof. Sometimes, small repairs is enough to fix the issue.

  8. If you see any issues and want to have a professional opinion, reach out to a local roofing contractor.

Hopefully this helps you!


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