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It's 2022, Time to Switch to an Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance, policies, bundling, oh my!

Home insurance Greenwood Indiana

What insurance should I get? How do I get a quick insurance quote? What is the best insurance? Where do you start when it comes to finding a personal insurance policy for your family, insurance for your business, insurance for rare things like drones, etc. What would be the best price and how do you know if there is a better price out there?

Most people start by looking up “insurance agent near me” and then get immediately frustrated with their options.

If we could rub a magic lamp and have the insurance genie answer all your questions, we believe there is one magical answer: find an independent insurance agency.

What is an independent insurance agency and why is it your best option?

1. An Independent Insurance Agency Cares Only About YOU.

Independent Insurance Agents are not tied to a specific insurance company, like State Farm, Allstate, & Geico. This means that our local insurance agents can research the entire insurance marketplace on your behalf and find you the best coverage for the best price. We save you the headache of researching for hours on end to figure out everything you need coverage for and where to find it.

An example being…If you are looking for a homeowners insurance policy and go to State Farm, they will only give you a state farm insurance company quote. However, an independent insurance agency will give you numerous free insurance quotes. Depending on your house type, certain insurance companies are more competitive. Independent agencies know which insurance company to pair you up with.

2. We have time for YOU.

Everyone hates the robocalls and the thousands of buttons you have to press to ask a big insurance company one simple question. When you do get past the irritatingly long elevator music on hold, you hope that the agent you are speaking to handles your questions with time and consideration, but that is rare nowadays. Independent insurance agents have time for you and your questions. We answer your emails and calls quickly, and we have the resources to become your best advocate in the insurance world. Our job is to make your life easier and make sure you’re covered when unpredictable life situations happen.

3. We are REAL LOCAL people, and we will say it again, we want to help YOU

Wexford Insurance Agents are real people that have had experience in the insurance world and wanted to offer better options for their clients. We are local insurance agents in the Greenwood, Indiana area that know what you need and when.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to us for a quote today!

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