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Concrete Contractor Insurance

concrete contractor insurance

Looking for insurance for Concrete contractors for your concrete business? Our Wexford Insurance agents are available to help you 24/7 for a free, fast quote. Having the correct Concrete Contractor Insurance Policy (also called a Contractor Insurance Policy) is super important to your business.  


Types of Concrete Contractors we work with:

  • Sidewalk Concrete Contractor

  • Patio Concrete Contractor

  • Slab Concrete Contractor

  • Driveway Concrete Contractor

  • Footers Concrete Contractor

  • Flatwork Concrete

  • Foundation Installation

  • Decorative Concrete Contractor

What does Concrete Contractor Insurance Cover?

  • Contractor General Liability Insurance

    • This coverage protects Concrete contractors against claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by their work. For example, if a contractor's work causes damages to a client's property or if a third party is injured due to concrete work, this insurance can cover legal fees, medical expenses, and potential settlements or judgments.

  • Property and Contractors Equipment Insurance

    • This coverage protects a Concrete contractor's own property, including tools, equipment, and supplies, against damage or loss due to events like fire, theft, or vandalism. It may also cover damage to a client's property caused by the contractor's negligence.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

    • If you have employees you will need to carry workers compensation insurance. This policy covers work-related injuries/illnesses that your employees may sustain during their employment. Finding the right work comp for your concrete business is important. ​

    • Even if your construction workers are paid 1099, you may need to insure them on a workers compensation policy. 

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    • If a Concrete contractor uses vehicles for business purposes, commercial auto insurance is necessary. This coverage protects against accidents, property damage, and liability claims while driving company vehicles.

  • Umbrella Insurance

    • This type of insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of general liability insurance, business auto liability, and employers liability. It helps protect concrete contractors from significant lawsuits or claims that exceed their primary insurance coverage limits.

  • Professional Liability

    • ​Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability coverage protects Concrete contractors against claims of negligence, errors, or mistakes in their professional services. It can cover damages and legal expenses if a contractor's advice or work results in financial loss or injury to a client.

  • Bonds

    • License and permit bonds. If you are working on public jobs, you may need a license and permit bond prior to working. 

    • Payment and Performance bonds. General Contractors and property owners may require a performance bond prior to starting a job. 

At Wexford Insurance we can help you find the most inexpensive and comprehensive Concrete contractor insurance policy. We focus in the construction industry and helping Concrete contractors. We are transparent and helpful through this process for your business. 

Free Assistance:

Give us a call today at 317-942-0549 or fill out the link below to start your free Concrete contractor insurance quote. 

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